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July 2020 | Bansko, Bulgaria


Ready to get shit done?

The digital nomad life checks life experiences off your bucket list but not your to-do list. Tackle those big career and business goals in the scenic Bulgarian countryside

Calling nomadic women

Join Mariza Monteiro and Sami Gardner for a 10-day productivity incubator. Learn, implement, and have fun doing it in a chalet filled with other digital nomad women.

Want laser-focused masterminding, coworking sessions, skillshare opportunities, 1:1 mentorship, spa day, networking, self-care activities, and luxury accomodations?

What do we need more of in the Digital Nomad scene?

Ingenuity & Leadership in Business — from WOMEN.

So how do we get more if it?

By creating a SPACE with a 10-day PRODUCTIVITY SPRINT specifically for women to build their skills, develop connections, and focus on doing THE THING that will take their business or career where they always wanted it to go. 

In July, over 500 nomads will descend on scenic Bansko, Bulgaria for NomadFest and that’s where we’re making this SPACE happen!

Who is this space for? Just the ladies.

If you are a business owner, developer, writer, or remote worker, then you already know that the nomad life is awesome… but it wreaks havoc on your to-do list and work focus. The catch up after a week-long event can add stress especially if you gained new clients or project ideas from the conference. It can feel like you need a work-a-thon sprint after the conference to implement and then a week after that for self-care. 

What if you could get it all – luxe accommodations, accountability, and other nomad women to bond with? 

Imagine spending a month in a lovely chalet collaborating, laughing, and working to complete your most IMPORTANT PROJECTS with other female nomads!



The Program

June 29 - July 5th: Bankso Nomad Fest

The Nomad Hustle House will be your base during NomadFest so you can learn, network, and play during the festival. If you haven’t gotten your NomadFest ticket, no worries- we’ll get you one. There are 5 highlight tracks that will run in parallel: eCommerce, Tax and Residency, Soulmating, Online Teachers and Build a Business. There will be a ton going on, but we will cover the logistics like housekeeping, breakfast/lunch, airport pickup, and even your Nomadfest Ticket!  You will have a choice of activities that are already included in your ticket like yoga, hiking, speed-dating etc..

July 8 - July 18th: The Productivity Sprint

A 10-day, in-person program designed as a Productivity Sprint for women digital nomads.

Launch a new product. Revamp your website. Create a new business. 

Ladies, this is not a retreat. It’s an accelerator. Sure, there’s a Spa Day at the end of the program, but that will have been well-earned. Utilize the coworking times, masterminding, skillshare opportunities, group accountability, and 1:1 mentorship, to accomplish launching THE PROJECT that will level up your business/career so you can make more MONEY

This was created by nomad women, for nomad women. WHY? Because we need a different type of space to thrive. There is a synergy when brilliant female minds come together for efficient productivity, fun collaboration, and focused execution. When you bring so many ambitious and cool women in one place, magic happens.

The 10-day Productivity Sprint Schedule

Day 1: INTROS & INTENTIONS ~ Let’s get real about what you want to implement in the next 10 days, creating realistic goals that we can support each other to accomplish.
Days 2 – 4: SPRINT I ~ each day will began with 10am mastermind and close with a 7pm checkin
Day 6 – 8: SPRINT II ~ each day will began and 10am and close with a 7pm check-in
Day 10: CLOSING EVENT~ Spa Day & Self-care EXTRAS you certainly earned!

Come Focus with Us & You Will:

  • Grow Your Network: new business connections for referrals, new clients & new friendships!
  • Finish an Epic Business Project: email funnels, course launches, webinars, etc.
  • Bust Out 6 Months Worth of Work in 10 days — with hyper-intentional work sprints.

Get SHIT done in 10-day with this program for just 749. Apply here.

Want the full Nomad Hustle House Experience…keep readin

July 19 - July 31st: Treat Yourself Time

We will have group activities that involve self-care and saunas, but this time is up to you! You’ll have style, comfort & the best internet – all a nomad girl needs. 

Relax and enjoy Bansko, the mountain capital of the Balkans. This is a great time to solidify any connections that you made at NomadFest. Most people will stay for the summer so you’ll see a lot of familiar faces at the local taverna. This cozy village is full of history, large mountains and a growing community of location-independent freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Get the Entire Nomad Hustle House Experience

Deluxe Chalet Suite w/ private bathroom for up to 35 days (€499 value)

Housekeeping, Linens & Laundry Service (€149 value)

Food, Coffee & Tea (€199 value)

10-day productivity sprint program (749 value)

NomadFest Ticket (€299 value)

Post-Sprint Spa Day (€99 value)

Private Airport transfer from Sofia (€99 value)

Over €2000 in value for only €1499

Plus a TON of BONUS Ammentities:

High-speed WIFI

Sauna & Jacuzzi

Outdoor & Indoor Workspace

TWO Gourmet Kitchens to Share

Private Bar & Lounge

Picnic & BBQ Area

Be one of the first 5 Hustlers 
to get Early Bird pricing at just 


OUR LOCATION: A Private Luxury Chalet
- Style, Comfort & the Best Internet -
all a nomad girl needs

Meet Your Lead Hustlers

Mariza Monteiro 

Founder of Soldi Veraci which provides business strategies for innovative small- and mid-size organizations. An investment product expert with over 15 years of experience in the finance industry, she has managed registered investment securities and developed investment education programs for Fortune 50 companies.

Sami Gardner

She has helped thousands of professionals thrive in the job market! Most career coaches focus on discovering your passion, she goes a step farther by taking your dream and turning it into a plan with actionable tactics to build your industry profile, develop your network, and create a recession-proof career.


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